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Dice Control for Casino Craps/Gambling Disciples of God

Dice Control is the only way to beat Craps in the long run. Learn to control perfect dice on casino craps tables. 2.38%-9.5% craps player's  advantage over the house. Guaranteed long-run win. Application of Dice Control to the game of Craps makes Craps a game of skill.  

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Dice Control for Casino Craps/Gambling Disciples of God   by Yuri Kononenko -" Dice Control for Casino Craps - The "Bible" for dice influencers" (books section)

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FIRST BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF CRAPS, MAN AND WORLD that teaches you how to control the perfect dice on casino craps tables. When you control the dice you change the odds in favor of a player. You become a guaranteed winner in a long run. The game of Craps becomes a game of skill.

All previous craps books offered only useless and worthless systems. All systems and "strategies" are mathematical losers, because they are different combinations of losing bets, carrying the percentages against a player. Every Craps bet is a losing bet, because it has a built-in percentage against a player (it comes from the difference between the correct odds and the payoff ratios). To get a winning result in a long-run from a combination of losing bets is as impossible as to get a positive sum by adding negative numbers - no matter what the combinations you'll  juggle the negative numbers into, a sum will still be a negative number. A player playing any craps system is a guaranteed long-run loser due to the House percentage against him.

The main argument of the craps system authors is - you can come out a winner in a playing session, if you'll play a "good" system and exercise smart money management (and if you'll get "lucky"- to get "lucky" means to catch "hot streaks", which are nothing but the favorable fluctuations in the dice total frequencies, before the House percentage kills your bankroll); "take the money and run"! Sometimes it happens - most of the time it doesn't, because "hot" rolls are rare and the House percentage works against a player from the first moment till the last one in every playing session. The House percentage guarantees that every session you won is followed by many sessions you lost. That's why the system authors never say anything about what to do next after that winning session. Should you stay away from the game for the rest of your life in order to keep your few bucks? Because if you'll come back for another session and another one and so on, you'll be in a long-run gambling, where the House percentage rules with an iron hand eroding gambler's bankroll with the certainty of DEATH and TAXES. It makes sure that at the end all system players -"right" and "wrong" ones - die broke.

Application of Dice Control to Craps combining Controlled Throw, Correct Dice Arrangements and Correct Betting reverses the present scenario and gives a player a percentage against the House. It makes the House a guaranteed long-run loser. Our book will give you the edge in Your real money craps playing, be it playing online or in land based casinos.


  • Theory, Methods and Elements of Dice Control

  • 2 methods of Dice Control

  • "Positive" Controlled Shots versus "Percentage" Throws in the history of Dice Control

  • 4 casino requirements for the throw of the dice

  • Theory of  Craps Controlled Throw including its 2 Basic Principles and 8 Characteristics. Find out what the one and only possible controlled throw is

  • When the perfect dice behave like the "percentage" dice

  • The Art of Controlled Throwing  including 3 Stages of throwing

  • Throwing Craps Dice Grips versus Pick-up Grips

  • Distribution of the finger pressure over the dice to achieve better Dice Control

  • 7 Professional Dice Grips for Dice Control including the "Ideal" Dice Grip

  • 3 Correct Craps Dice Pick-Ups for controlled throwing when you apply Dice Control

  • 2 ways of throwing

  • 2 Correct Body Stances for controlled throwing - learn to stand at the craps table

  • Correct Hip and Upper Body Movements for controlled throwing in Craps for better Dice Control

  • Correct Shoulder and Elbow Movements for controlled throwing to improve your Dice Control

  • Correct Thumb, Finger and Wrist Movements for controlled throwing including the thumb and finger movements that separate the men from the boys at the craps table

  • Coordination of all Movements and Execution of Craps Controlled Throw to perfect Dice Control

  • Correct Breathing, Mental Concentration and Psychological self-control necessary for Dice Control

  • Training Exercises for Craps Dice Grips, Dice Pick-Ups, Coordination of all Movements and 8 Characteristics of Craps Controlled Throw. Training equipment – one pair of the dice

  • Theory of Craps Dice Arrangements including 6 Correct Dice Arrangements for Dice Control. Learn how to arrange the dice correctly in one second

  • How Craps Dice Arrangements supported by Craps Controlled Throw change the odds in favor of a craps player and make Dice Control possible

  • Craps Dice Pick-Ups with Dice Arrangements required by Dice Control

  • Application of Dice Control to the Game of Craps

  • How a Master Shooter wins his/her game using Dice Control

  • Craps Correct Betting including 16 Bets that give a player the advantages of 2.38%-9.5% over the House for a guaranteed long-run win. Every bet requires a specific Dice Arrangement and an execution of Controlled Throw in order to give a player an advantage

  • Craps Expected Long-Run Win expressed as a number of betting units

  • Craps Likely Win

  • Craps Risk for a short playing session

  • Comparison of all correct bets based on the Expected Win to Risk ratio (Ex.W/R)

  • Craps Bankroll and Correct Bet Size. The connection between Correct Bet Size and Risk

  • Difference between the gamblers and gambling punks

  • Diagram for schematic presentation of Dice Control theory and application

  • Interdependency of Craps Controlled Throwing, Dice Arranging and Betting in Dice Control

  • What the Game of Craps, your marriage and your life have in common

  • Dice Control Troubleshooting including 8 possible problems and ways to correct them instantly during the game

  • How to become a true GAMBLING DISCIPLE of GOD and acquire the power over the dice unknown to gambling fools

  • Craps "Artist" versus a Craps " Shooter"

  • Craps History from early dice games to modern Dice Control

  • Basics of Craps

  • Inner Nature of a Craps Bet

  • Craps Rules and Personnel

  • Dice Control as a science and an art

  • ……. and much more of Hardcore Craps!

The book is written for beginners and experienced players. This fundamental 161 pages work includes 29 Chapters, 54 Photographs, 31 Drawings, 24 Tables and one Diagram.


ISBN  0-9618404-8-X

Click  CONTENTS to read TABLE of   CONTENTS. Click  DIAGRAM to see the schematic presentation of  DICE CONTROL THEORY and  APPLICATION. Click  ORDER to order THE BOOK.

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