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 Greyhound Racing Rules


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Greyhound Racing Rules


Greyhound racing rules

Greyhound racing rules for dogs

Greyhound racing rules for racing tracks

Greyhound racing rules for lead outs


Greyhound racing rules

At the present time greyhound racing is legal in 19 states. The races in all states follow the same rules:

1)      Greyhound racing is regulated by the States’ laws.

2)      The officials from the State Racing Commission are present on the racing tracks to supervise the racing.

3)      Greyhound races must be planned to include the greyhounds of the same class in the race to make races fair and competitive. This is done with the help of the Hartwell greyhound grading system.

4)      The dogs are chosen for a specific race on a random basis.

5)      The post positions of greyhounds are also chosen randomly.

6)      If a greyhound wins a race it moves up in class.

7)      Every greyhound race must start exactly as scheduled without delays.

8)      Greyhound races take place regardless of weather conditions.

Greyhound racing rules for dogs

Usually there are eight dogs participating in every race. The rules for the dogs include following requirements:

1)      Every greyhound must have an assigned number and a color.

2)      A greyhound should wear a blanket with a correct assigned color and the number.

3)      A greyhound has to wear a standard muzzle to prevent biting and make photo finishes easy to determine.

4)      A greyhound should be taken to a paddock area two hours prior the race for identification and medical check up.

5)      If a greyhound’s weight before the race differs too much from its normal weight, it should be removed from the race.

6)       A greyhound younger than 17 months of age can’t participate in the greyhound racing.

7)      A greyhound which is older than 5 years of age goes for a mandatory retirement.

8)      About 30 seconds before the start of the race odd-numbered dogs are placed into the starting boxes and then even-numbered dogs follow.

The races are held for 5/16, 3/8 or 7/16 of a mile distance. It takes a greyhound about 30 seconds to cover 5/16 of a mile, about 40 seconds to run 3/8 of a mile and about 45 seconds to finish 7/16 of a mile.

Greyhound racing rules and equipment for racing tracks

Every greyhound racing track has the same standard equipment and follows the same basic rules:

1)      As soon as the race is over a racing track surface must be smoothed in preparation for the dogs’ parade and the next race.

2)      At the start of the race all starting boxes must open at the same time.

3)      During the race the speed of the lure operated by the racing track employee should keep it at a distance from the greyhounds to prevent them from grabbing it. A lure made of cotton sits on the horizontal rod attached to electric cart moving on the inside or outside rails.

4)      At the end of the race the lure has to go past the finish line to eventually disappear in the trap box.

Greyhound racing rules and duties for the lead outs

Lead outs are younger racing track personnel responsible for walking, controlling and parading the dogs before and after the race. The following are the rules for the lead outs:

1)      They have to bring the greyhounds onto the racing track about 10 minutes before the start of the race.

2)      The lead outs responsible for placing the dogs inside the starting boxes.

3)      They have to parade greyhounds on the racing track for about seven minutes in front of the public before the race.

4)      The greyhound racing rules prohibit lead outs from talking with public, each other and other employees of the racing track.

5)      The lead outs have to gather and control the dogs at the end of the race.

6)      As soon as the race started, the lead outs have to position themselves near the finish line and out of dogs’ sight to collect them without causing any distraction during the race.

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