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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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Machine's Data


In This Chapter

Importance of a machineís data

Basic and fundamental methodological mistake made by previous experts


If we want to create a method that makes a strategic decision to play or not to play a machine on the basis of its hot or cold mode (streaks), we, obviously, need some data that comes directly from a machine.

It canít come from us and be based on our bankroll or a sessionís stake. Bankroll has nothing to do with RNG sequences that form the streaks.

It canít come from us in the form of predetermined and fixed betting schemes. Any numerical predetermined betting sequences that we can create are not connected to RNG-produced streaks.

It canít come from us in the form of our feelings Ė they only reflect our emotional and psychological condition accurately, but they canít describe correctly a machineís condition when we need it. They can do that only after the fact when too much money is already lost.

It canít come from us in a form of any specific fixed number of the pulls or even sequence of the numbers. Specific number of the pulls comes initially from a machine. However, when we turn it into an absolute fixed number Ė some kind of a measuring stick to always check any machine at any time, then we transform that number into a coming from us theoretical abstraction with no connection to a specific streak running through a specific machine at any specific moment.

It canít come from us only in a form of any specific fixed return percentage on our sessionís bankroll that we get from a machine after we play it according to a, predetermined in advance, routine that we apply to any machine at any time.

Strategic decision has to be based on the objective machineís information. Objective means that it does not depend on us and on any funny ideas we might have and comes only and directly from RNG. Thatís why all known to me previous slots authors and experts, including those that I reviewed, failed with their attempts to analyze the game and come up with the strategic practical advice of any value.

We can use only a machineís data to make a strategic decision about a machineís condition to help us to reach our strategic goal of our bankrollís growth. Thus, our evaluation of that data has to be connected to our bankroll and the way it changes during the game.

The basic fundamental methodological mistake previous experts made in their approach to slots play was that, in the final analysis, they were evaluating machine on the basis of their own preconceived ideas not coming from a data given by a machine itself. They thought they did when they relied on a manufacturerís label stating a machineís theoretical payoff percentage. They thought they did when they relied on an arbitrary specific number of pulls. They thought they did when they were focusing on a pay table etc. etc.