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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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Slots Play


Three Stages of Slots Play

“Entering” a machine

Playing a machine

Leaving a machine

Unique problems and goals of every stage

Common goal of all stages 


Our slots playing session consist of three different parts or stages presenting specific problems and pursuing specific goals. Let’s discuss them in their chronological order.

Entering a machine

When we approach a particular machine we have to decide first: to play or not to play that particular machine. That question is as important for a slots player in his gambling life as "to be or not to be" was for Hamlet. Fortunately, the answer is easier for us than it was for the prince. Since our strategy is to play only hot machines, our problem comes down to determining a temperature of a streak currently running through a machine. Thus "to play or not to play?" translates into "is it hot or cold?" If we decide that a machine is, probably, cold we move on to check another one. In case of a "hot" conclusion we give it a chance and start playing it. We'll play it until our analysis of a machine's mode will indicate a change of temperature from "hot" to "cold".

Not only we have to determine a streak's temperature during entering stage, we also have to do it as fast as possible or, more precisely, as cheap as possible. Thus, in the entering stage of our playing session we have to:

1)     Determine probable temperature of a current streak, and

2)     Spend a minimal amount of bets for a machine's testing.

Playing a machine

We want to play only a hot machine. If this proves to be the case during entering stage, we stay with a machine as long as it's hot. To do that we have to constantly monitor a streak's temperature to catch a moment of change from "hot" to "cold" in order to leave a machine immediately without losing bets to a starting cold streak. Hot streaks are a rarity compare to cold ones. That means that when we find one, we have to extract as much profit from it as possible, or, in other words, we have to optimize our play. Thus, in the playing stage of our session we have to:

1)     Constantly monitor a streak's temperature to be able to leave a machine when it turns cold, and

2)     Optimize our play to maximize our profits from a hot streak.

Leaving a machine

We can play a machine only as long as it stays hot. We have to be alert all the time to a possible temperature change, which can happen at any moment. We don't want to waste bets unnecessary to a just started cold streak...............................................


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