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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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True Method 

In This Chapter
The requirements for a true method
Why Streaks Method is the true method
What problems Streaks Method solves and how it helps you in your slots play


For the reasons stated in the previous chapter, all previous and currently existing “winning” “systems” and “methods” can’t be winning in principle. They can’t be even called systems or methods in the true and precise sense of these words.

What method can be called a true method for playing slots? Since you can win only by playing “hot” machines and you lose playing “cold” ones, a true method must let you to determine a machine’s “condition” or “temperature”. All other factors besides a machine’s temperature are secondary in their importance and that importance comes to life only after the fact of “hot” temperature was established. For ex, it can make sense to vary your bet and play sometimes a max bet, but only after you come to a conclusion that a machine is “hot”. If a machine is cold, your max bet will only kill your bankroll faster etc.

In order to determine a machine’s temperature, a true method must also be based on the data that comes from a machine itself when you play it. True method should help you to decipher that data. In other words, it has to help you to understand a machine’s language.

Streaks Method performs both tasks. It lets you know a machine’s temperature almost in real time – usually in less than a minute. In result, it moves you away from the cold machines and constantly navigates you toward the hot ones.

After you locate a hot machine using Streaks Method’s “Thermometer”, the method helps you to optimize your play by smart bet variation. You strike winning combinations often with an increased bet and hit losing ones with a minimal bet. Your play becomes highly effective – it is economical and highly profitable at the same time. Method’s high coefficient of efficiency keeps your expenses minimal and maximizes your profits at the same time.

As soon as a hot machine turns cold, Streaks Method catches that change in temperature also almost in real time. It kicks you out of that machine and helps you to keep your profits from a hot streak. You don’t give them back to a starting cold streak.

Since Streak Method is originated from and tied directly to a current machine’s condition it’s, obviously, independent from any specific type of a machine. It can be applied to any slot machine. That’s also the sign and requirement of a true method.

In the broad sense of the word Streaks Method and its theoretical foundation – Streaks Recognition Theory – are the common language of a man and machine. They help a player to understand what a machine tells him about itself every moment of his play. They make it possible for him to follow the machine’s orders to leave or to keep playing. More specifically, Streaks Method is the Slots Thermometer that determines a current (hot or cold) machine’s temperature. The purpose of that thermometer is to let you play only hot machines.

The reasons above explain why the Streaks Method is the only possible true method to play slots. Not only it gives you good chances to survive in the game long-term but also gives you fighting chances for getting ahead in your systematic, thinking and rational approach to a slots play. Any other so-called “system”, “strategy” or “method” belongs to a huge category of simple and wrong solutions to complicated problems. 


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