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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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 Streak’s Dynamics in Slots 


In This Chapter

General outlook on the appearance and disappearance of the streaks

Differences between the streaks

Streak’s quality

General signs of a streak’s deterioration

Example of a playing routine

Summary of Pat VII

Connection between Slots Reality and Streaks Recognition Theory

Examples 27 and 28 


As I wrote before, even if RNG-produced multitude of the decisions and corresponding to them symbols combinations is not a random space in a strict theoretical sense, it is random for all practical purposes of a slots player. That means, in particular, that streaks – hot and cold alike – can appear or disappear at any moment. They last unpredictable amount of time and cover unforeseen number of the cycles. RNG give them birth, they live and they die being replaced by the new generations of streaks of the same and opposite temperature. That process goes non-stop for the lifespan of a computer chip covering tens of millions of game cycles and few years of a human life.

All streaks are different even if they belong to the same “hot” or “cold” category. Some hot streaks shower us with money and we call them very hot or super hot. Some of them just give enough to pay for a buffet for 2 on a Saturday night. There are as many variations inside a streak as with its overall result. The biggest winning combination of a hot streak can happen during its first or last cycle or be anywhere in the middle. Hot streaks can have identical or equivalent cycles grouped together or being separated by other cycles. If they are grouped, then, while they last, a streak is in equilibrium. However, that kind of status quo does not last long and occurrence of it is rare. Most of the time, all participating cycles are different in size and temperature. There is a lot more similarity in cycles’ shape, because there are only 3 types of the cycles.

Streak’s Quality

The hotter the streak is the higher the quality it has in the eyes of a player. Streak’s temperature is a difference between a total payoff from all included cycles and money taken by them. The bigger the payoff is in every cycle and the smaller its size in terms of a number of intervals and their length, the better the quality of a streak is. Let’s compare a quality of two hot cycles in Examples 27 and 28................................................

Both streaks above are hot. Obviously, a streak 27 has a higher quality and produces a better result than a streak 28. It’s easy to see where that difference in quality and temperature comes from. In the streak 27 most of the intervals in the cycles are shorter than those in the streak 28. Payoffs are also better. All intervals in the first streak are hot ones. First interval in the second streak (3/2) is cold. All these simple observations and considerations lead us to useful general signs of a possible hot streak’s weakening or deterioration of a machine’s condition. They are useful because they are easy to notice fast due to their simplicity related to their general nature.

General Signs of Streak’s Deterioration

1)     Intervals are getting longer in the cycles and the number of them increases.

2)     Payoffs by the winning combinations are getting smaller.

If we play a hot streak and start to notice that .............................................................