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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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Slot Machine’s Language 


In This Chapter

What is a machine’s language

Importance of “listening” to a machine

How to understand a machine’s language

Slots player’s homage to Thoreau


As we found in the previous chapter, there are only two types of information coming directly from a machine that can help us with streaks recognition. They are – the numbers of the pulls between the hits and the payoffs from the winning symbols combinations. These two pieces of data are equally important and should be evaluated in combination with each other. They are the information from a machine and about a machine. They form a machine’s language, which conveys to us the all important for a slot’s player information about a machine’s mode (streak).

If we want to understand a nature of a current machine’s streak we have to “listen” to a machine and try to understand what it tells us. Machine “talks” to us from a beginning of our session to the end of it, from the first coin we drop into a slot to the last one we play. The moment we stop listening to a machine we start playing blind a machine’s temperature wise. That will lead us only to the one end of losing money.

Why we have to listen to a machine? Because, with all due respect, it’s not our wife or a girlfriend, whose every 10 words in response to our 1, we can disregard safely and most of the time for the Good.  Machine wants our undivided attention and we get a kick the first moment we lose our focus. We better listen, understand and do what a machine tells us to do. If she says that she’s cold, we get up and leave that cold woman without looking back even if she is the last one on the planet. If she gives a sign that she’s hot, only then we stay and play.

It pays to listen by the way. Thoreau used to listen to a forest. He heard a lot. Lawrence of Arabia was all ears in a desert. Old man did the same in an open sea. We…we listen to a machine. We simply have no choice if we don’t want to lose all our money and want to have a fighting chance to win and get ahead in our regular play.

The data coming from a machine in a constant flow of the sequences of the pulls and payoffs is a machine’s language. When we try to learn a foreign language, we begin with learning letters. Our next step is combining the letters into words with specific meaning. Later on we use the words to construct sentences. At that point we start to understand language and nothing stops us from becoming a polyglot. Theory of Streaks Recognition follows the same process of teaching you a machine’s language. In a broad sense the Theory is the only way to understand a machine and it’s the key to a machine’s “code”...........................................................................................


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