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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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 Target of Streaks Method 


In This Chapter

 Preliminary technical definition of a streak

 Preliminary technical definition of a splash

 Comparison of the streaks and splashes

 Examples 16 and 17 


A streak is the target of the Streaks Method. Method tries to analyze a current streak in every machine that we approach to play to come to a conclusion about streak’s temperature. Depending on a hot or cold Method’s verdict, we either play a machine or move on in search of a hot one.

As we established in the summary of 8 books reviews and 60 systems analyses (Chapter 4), a streak is the king of slots. It’s a force of nature unwise and impossible to resist. It will outlast and overcome any player, any bankroll and any money-management scheme. To go against a cold streak is a financial suicide. To play slots long-term on a regular basis is to avoid cold streaks and to play hot streaks as often as you can find them.

In Empirical Observations (Chapter 8) we gave a general definition of the streaks. They are extended periods of time when a machine either takes more than it gives (cold streaks), or it pays back more than we invest in our play (hot streaks).

Our definition of a streak allows it to have few cycles of an opposite temperature. A hot streak can have a few cold cycles inserted and deliver at the same time an overall positive result increasing our bankroll. A cold streak will give us an eventual loss even if it will be interrupted by few hot cycles. We defined small parts of a streak having an opposite to a streak temperature as “splashes”.

In light of our knowledge of the cycles, we are able now to get more technical with our definitions of the streaks and splashes.

Preliminary Technical Definition of a Streak

Streak is a sequence of the cycles most of which have the same temperature.

If most of the cycles forming a particular streak are hot, we have a hot streak producing a profit for a player. If a majority of the cycles in a streak are cold, then our streak is cold causing us a loss of money.

Preliminary Technical Definition of a Splash

Splash is a sequence of the cycles, which is a part of the streak and has an opposite to a streak temperature.

Since splash is a part of the streak it, obviously, covers a smaller group of the cycles than an overall number of them included in a streak.  

Examples 16 and 17 give us a clear illustration of a possibility of a streak containing the cycles of an opposite to a streak temperature or, in other words, a splash..........................................................


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