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Streaks Recognition for Casino Slots/ Streaks Method & Slots Thermometer


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 Why and How to Optimize

Your Slots Play


In This Chapter

What is play optimization

Optimization through right casino environment

Optimization through a play’s speed

Optimization through a bet variation


In an essence, optimization means a process or an approach leading to a decreased effort while keeping the result the same or making it even better. In other words – it means an increased efficiency of your actions. For a slots player that means two things:

1)     To find hot streaks more often and waste time and money as little as possible in the process;

2)     When a hot streak is found to maximize a profit.

What can we do to have the hot dates with the streaks as often as possible? We already have a powerful compass to navigate us in a right direction – Streak Method’s Thermometer. By kicking us out from the cold machines almost in “real” time, it saves our time and money from spending them on hopeless cold dates. What else can affect the frequency of the hot streaks in our long-term play?

Optimization through right casino environment

Casino environment is an extremely important factor that alone can kill your slots game if not taken in consideration in a proper way. There are 2 reasons for that:

1)     Suppose you walk into a casino on Saturday. Chances are that it will be over crowded. Mindless slots fans will occupy almost all slots. May be, you’ll find a couple of available slots. The only reason why they’ll be available is that the players were killed by the cold streaks just before you reached the area of those machines. If you’ll sit to play those machines, the odds are that that you’ll be fighting cold streaks still in progress after they claimed their last victims. As you already know, it’s suicidal in a long run. It goes against the strategic goals of Streaks Method – always avoiding cold streaks and playing hot machines only. It also violates the principle of conservative approach to gambling, which has a priority of a loss minimization.

2)     Second reason to exclude a crowded casino from your slots play is directly connected to Method’s Thermometer. Thermometer takes you away from a cold machine to try another one. That next machine can have a hot streak currently running through and your thermometer will tell you to play it. However, if at that moment another player occupies a machine, that opportunity simply is not available to you due to a presence of another player. Thus, Streaks Method wants and needs availability of many machines at any given moment while you’re in a casino for your slots play. That means that right casino environment is when a casino is not crowded and many slots are there for you to try them at any moment. The days of the week when casinos are most crowded are Friday night, Saturday and a first half of Sunday and, of course, almost all holidays. Weekdays from Monday to Thursday are the best days for a slots play.

 It’s clear now what an important factor a casino environment is and when it’s optimal for your slots play.

Optimization through a play’s speed

Not only hot streaks are rare, they are also short in duration. Most of them will be..............................................................


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