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Disguising Your Dice Control Skill


In This Chapter


As I wrote in Chapter 4, casino craps people will consider a controlled throw and Dice Control in general to be some kind of cheating. If they’ll come to a conclusion, that you posses a specialized skill to beat the game , you’ll be declared a cheater and you’ll be barred from playing craps. That’s why you have to be careful about the way you look and about the impressions your actions make during the game. It’s wise to keep your real capabilities unknown to your enemy. Don’t advertise your knowledge and Dice Control skill – on the contrary: actively disguise them. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do, because your controlled throw does not require anything out of the ordinary. Its execution does not involve any unusual movements that could make you stand out from the crowd. Besides, your throw is in total compliance with casino requirements for the throw: your dice fly instead of rolling, spinning or sliding across the dice table; they hit the far wall and they turn over in the process.

There are two ways to look as innocent as the sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered on the craps table – to camouflage your application of Dice Control and to blend with the crowd.

As we know, the application of Dice Control involves correct betting, appropriate dice arrangement and an execution of craps controlled throw. Let’s look at all elements to see what can cause a suspicion in paranoidal little minds of casino personnel and how you can avoid it.

You choose correct bets from Table 21. All those bets are simple basic bets, which are among the most popular and the most often played bets. They are above any suspicion.

As soon as you’ll decide on the bets, an appropriate dice arrangement will be singled out. You’ll have to arrange the dice in a smooth and reasonably fast manner making it an integral part of a pick-up process. The fact, that many players often arrange the dice "somehow" before the throw, and they do it very slowly and clumsy, makes your task of escaping a suspicion even easier.

Controlled throw of Dice Control involves a lot of moves and, therefore, it gives you a lot of room for creativity in disguising it. First of all, you have to go through all three stages of controlled throw – the dice pick-up, the dice grip and the throwing motion – in one smooth continuous movement. You don’t have to be very fast, just don’t make any stops and don’t break the throw into few steps separated in time. A player, who is very busy with every little thing that he does at the table, looks like he thinks too much. Casino doesn’t like a thinking man – it likes people who act only according to their blind and primitive emotions.

Second, a very powerful method to kill any suspicion that you apply Dice Control skill is to eliminate any fixed recognizable pattern in a way you perform your controlled throw. Learn a couple of the craps Dice Control dice grips and use them both at the same craps table. Change once in a while your starting point of the throw – throw off the table and from the air. Alternate your craps body stances – go from a sideways stance to a frontal one and back. Most of the times, of course, perform the throw in a way, which is the most efficient for you.

The simple and very powerful safeguard against possible suspicion is to limit your playing time. Play less and don’t give them enough time to figure out your "angle". Besides, you can’t play longer than one hour anyway – the fatigue will start creeping in, and the quality of your Dice Control controlled throw will go down. It’s self-destructive to play when you’re not in your best physical and mental shape, because you’ll lose your advantage and, like everybody else, you’ll be fighting casino edge against you.

It’s very easy to blend with the crowd. All you have to do is to mimic the behavior of other craps players. Pick up all their ridiculous mannerisms based on their superstitions and introduce them into your game. When a stickman moves three pairs of the dice toward a player on a come out roll, many craps players grab all three pairs, drop them in front of them, and only after that they, somehow, choose one lucky pair. You can do the same before you’ll start your pick-up process. Very often, you can see how a player, before he throws, knocks on the table with the dice – for Luck. You can make that habit one of your disguising tools. Many players scream the numbers, which they bet on, when they throw – you can be just as vocal. Be loose like everybody else, and let your face to express joy when you make a hit and disgust when you miss. Don’t forget hand gestures – they can be even more expressive than your face. However, don’t get involved in that comedy too much, because your main focus should be on the throw.


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