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Craps Systems - the Long-Run Losers



All the previous books about the game of craps are basically the same. They explain the rules of the game and offer few "winning" systems. The systems travel from one craps book to another with insignificant changes. They give nothing but a false hope and confidence to a prospective craps player. The last one grabs his hard-earned money, runs to a casino armed with one of those systems and gets wiped out. Emotionally devastated he wonders "Why?"

The reason is simple. All craps systems are betting systems – they are made of the different combinations of the bets. Every craps bet gives the house a healthy percentage against a player. Where that percentage comes from? It comes from the difference between the correct odds and the payoff ratio according to which the house pays on the winning bet. Take a look at Table 5 and compare the correct odds and the payoff ratios for every bet and look at the result – the house percentage. For ex, the correct odds of throwing 11 on the next roll are 17 to 1, but the house pays only 14 to 1. Thus, if a player bets $1, he loses, in average, $3 on every 18 rolls. In this case the house percentage equals (3:18)X100 = 16.67%. If the house paid 17 to 1, then it would be an "even-up proposition" – something, that no casino could afford. Any gambling establishment is a business and, in order to exist, it must pay expenses and show a profit. The house percentage makes it possible. You can consider the house advantage as your payment for your gambling pleasure.

Since any craps system is just a combination of losing bets, an impossibility of a winning craps system becomes obvious. To try to get a winning result from a combination of losing bets is the same as to try to get a positive sum by adding negative numbers – no matter what combination you juggle the negative numbers into, the sum will still be a negative number.

The only difference between the craps systems is the combinations of the bets. Look again at Table 5. You see that the house percentage on some bets is smaller than on the others. If one system includes the bets with smaller house percentages, than it keeps you in the game longer and you lose at slower rate compare to a system combining the bets with the bigger disadvantages against a player.




Correct odds


House percentage (%)

Pass or Come   1 to 1


Pass or Come (single odds)   1 to 1 plus odds


Pass or Come (double odds)   1 to 1 plus odds


Don’t Pass or Come   1 to 1


Don’t Pass or Come

(single odds)

  1 to 1 plus odds


Don’t Pass or Come

(double odds)

  1 to 1 plus odds


Place 4 or 10

1 to 2

9 to 5


Place 5 or 9

2 to 3

7 to 5


Place 6 or 8

5 to 6

7 to 6


Lay 4 or 10

2 to 1

1 to 2 (-5% commission)


Lay 5 or 9

3 to 2

2 to 3 (-5% commission)


Lay 6 or 8

6 to 5

5 to 6 (-5% commission)


Buy 4 or 10

1 to 2

2 to 1 (-5% commission)


Big 6 or Big 8

5 to 6

1 to 1


Field Bet  

1 to 1 (double on 2 and 12)


Field Bet  

1 to 1 (double on 2, triple on 12)


Hardway 6 or 8

1 to 10

9 to 1


Hardway 4 or 10

1 to 8

7 to 1


Any 7

1 to 5

4 to 1


Any Craps

1 to 8

7 to 1


2 or 12

1 to 35

29 to 1


3 or 11

1 to 17

14 to 1



The hope for a "monster" roll – an unusually long winning roll – keeps the craps system players going. Once in many table sessions a hot streak will happen, but the problem is, that the house percentage works against a craps player right from the start till the very end of every session. While a player waits and waits for a hot roll, the house percentage erodes his money with the certainty of Death and Taxes.

All previous gambling authors argue that you can come out a winner in a short craps session, if you play a good craps system and exercise smart money management. However, they don’t say anything about what to do next after that short winning session. Should you stay away from the game for the rest of your life? Because if you don’t, you’ll be back for another short session and another one and so on – that means, that eventually you’ll end up in a long run gambling, where the house percentage rules with the iron hand destroying the gambler’s bankroll. The house percentage never sleeps always working against a player, making sure, that at the end all system players – "right" and "wrong" ones – die broke. That’s why those gambling authors must keep silent about the life after that short winning session, otherwise even a layman will be able to understand how useless and worthless their books and systems are.

As long as craps remains the game of chance, nobody has a slightest chance to come out a winner in a long run. Dice Control, however, changes the nature of the game and makes it the game of skill. In result, the odds change and become favorable for a player giving a craps player a percentage against the house. A win in a long run in Craps becomes a reality.


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