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Dice Grips for Dice Control



If we’ll look at the way the craps players hold their dice, we’ll see that they have no idea about specialized craps dice grips. That kind of illiteracy should be expected – since the players don’t know anything about craps controlled throw, the dice grips that help to produce that throw should also be a complete mystery to them. They are like a man who does not know how to hold a pen correctly, because he never tried to learn writing. No matter how they hold the dice, all their throws have the same arbitrary and chaotic nature, and that’s exactly what casino wants. In result, they can’t possibly differentiate between different grips. They end up, finally, using one grip, which is determined only by a convenience and their habits. They hold the dice in the same manner they hold many little things in their everyday life.

Only when we want to execute a controlled throw to achieve Dice Control, the dice grip is no longer simply a convenient hold – it becomes a useful tool for creation of controlled throw. The nature of that throw – its basic principles – will help us to find the correct dice grips.

In Chapter 7 we determined the basic throwing technique for our controlled throw. The dice grips described in that chapter will help you to perform that technique as close to perfection as possible. They are also easy to use, and casino has no problems with them, because they don’t require any suspicious and unnatural positions and movements of the fingers and the wrist. All the dice grips are easy to learn, and I recommend you to learn all of them. It is a good idea to have a couple of favorite grips and use them both at the same session. There are two reasons for that. As I already explained it above, it’s good for disguising your actions. It is also good for improving your throw. Usually, I throw using my favorite 5-Finger Top grip. Sometimes my throw is a little bit off, and I don’t get an expected result. I go through a mental checklist for controlled throw (Chapter 27: "Dice Control Troubleshooting") to see what corrections should I make to improve the throw. Very often a simple change of the dice grip corrects the problem, and the dice start acting like they are supposed to.

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The Dice Control dice grips explained here are the throwing grips. They hold the dice in the final position just before the throw, and the dice fly straight out of these grips. There are some craps grips, which are good only for picking up the dice from the craps table. For ex, a well-known Lock Grip (Photo 15) is a pick up grip – if you want to throw the dice holding them in that grip, you have to, first, move them into one or another throwing position before the throw. If you’ll toss the dice out of the Lock Grip, you won’t have a throw with the characteristics of controlled throw. The problem is in the position of the second (index) finger and the fifth (little) finger – they lie across the sides of the dice. There is a lot of friction between them and the dice when the dice leave the hand. In result, it’s very hard to produce a controlled throw required by Dice Control.

Let’s look at the dice grips, which can be used for our craps controlled throw necessary for achieving Dice Control. All of them can be equally effective, but after some practice, you’ll probably choose a couple as your favorite. All dice grips are good for throwing.......


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